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Welcome To Alexandria

Collection 1, Summer 2018

Curated by Sabrina Bingham


Forward by Dr. Elizabeth Johnston

Athena at Barnes and Noble by Marie Hines Cowan

阳光 by J H Martin

Ariadne, ch 1, by Georgia Lininger

Chloe's Box by Micki Brushwood

9 Tails, 2 Hands, 1 Smile by Michael Recto

Medusa Prepares for a Blind Date with Perseus by Elizabeth Johnston

Camelot at the Avalon Mall by Linda McMullen

The Sphinx by Maries Hines Cowan

The Search for Wisdom by Daniel Wenerowicz

Fire and Water by Alexis McBrian (winner of Siskiyou County High School Contest)

An Interview with Dread Grace

The Ferryman's Wife by Chip Jett

Dionysus's Crisis of Faith by Genevieve Mills

Faun Forest Promenade by Kevin Lewis

The Magic of the Gadfly by Leslie Muzingo

Kilig and Amira by Tesora Jeffries

Sun Net by Patrick Hare

Helen by Jennifer McCollom

Tinker Bell Laundry Detergent by Kendall Klym