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Each of our books is the culmination of many people’s time and talent. We feature short story authors, poets, photographers, and artists.


Welcome to Alexandria: Modern interpretations of Classical Stories

Welcome to Alexandria: here you’ll find King Arthur and Zeus, Tinker Bell and Dionysus, the heroes, the gods, your friends and fantasies. They are alive and well in our hearts, minds, and stories. This inaugural edition of Curating Alexandria Literary Productions is a collection of short stories, poems and art exploring the characters who shape our living culture. The works here ask “what happened next?” and “what if?” of eighteen well known icons of mythology, legend and fairy tale. (Learn more: authors, contributors, excerpts)


Exhuming Alexandria: Modern Myths to Tell in the dark

Autumn is a time of transition; as the solstice approaches, nights grow longer, shadows loom a little longer, the wind blows colder. As leaves change colors, so do people swap their masks. A fearsome face may hide a loving heart, and friendly smiles may disguise the monster lurking beneath. Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins skulk through darkened woods, luring the unwary off the well-traveled path and deeper into the tangled briars of their nightmares- and through the pages of Exhuming Alexandria. Halloween is a time for scary stories. There are treats within these pages, but tricks too. So cozy up under the covers, switch on your flashlight, and delve into these short stories and poems written for your autumn nights. (Learn more: authors, contributors, info)

Image credit: Virginia Frances Sterrett. Image via  50 Watts

Image credit: Virginia Frances Sterrett. Image via 50 Watts

Once upon a time in alexandria

Cozy up with some beloved fairy tales- and get ready to meet your new favorite stories. This collection by Curating Alexandria brings you familiar characters in re-imagined settings and vice versa. In these pages you'll find twelve sisters (who are nearly princesses), Snow White's counter part Soil Brown, the oft-in-trouble Little Red Riding Hood and many more.