Letter from Once Upon a Time in Alexandria

Dear Readers, Authors, and Artists,

I’m delighted to introduce you to the third collection by Curating Alexandria. This anthology of fairy tales is especially near and dear to my heart as these are the stories I most love to read and tell.

When the idea of an all fairy tale collection came to us, I imagined it would be a nightstand companion. This was created to bring new bedtime stories into your life- or maybe the book you pick up while enjoying cookies and tea. Most of the stories are appropriate for all ages but some tales herein challenge the modern saccharine representation of fairy tales. Many can be read in one stretch, or in about forty-five minutes if you read aloud the longest.

There are stories and characters here you will instantly recognize.  Some stories though are vague allusion to fairy tales, woven from thin threads of a hundred common themes. Others yet just “felt” like a fairy tale- a story with new setting and characters, but that familiar fairy tale voice.

In this collection I have done something a little out of character: one of my own writings is included. I say this with a dose of apology; when I started Curating Alexandria it was to re-examine classical mythology, fairy tales and legends- to relate to classical stories with a modern voice. I swore our publication efforts would not turn into a vanity press or covert way to share my own writing. I hope you’ll pardon my straying into a self-chosen and created work.

“An Abundance of Shoes” is a light-hearted story written for my sisters, nieces and dear friends. Based on the Twelve Dancing Princesses, it is a tale I told innumerable times to my younger sister whenever she was sick. I would sit by her pillow, embroider rich details of their dresses, the diamond forest, the enchanted princes in their enchanted castle- each telling elaborate in a new way. I can’t speak for my sister, but I always described the perfect dresses I longed for, or the handsome princes I had in my own dreams. I still wouldn’t mind if a certain powder blue dress, sewn with pearls and creamy lace, could come to life (in my own closet).

“An Abundance of Shoes” is dedicated to the beautiful women who inspire me with their endless strength and generosity.  It was edited by Rob Bignell for which I am deeply grateful. Rob encouraged me, coached me and brought me into my own as a writer- I can’t thank him enough. This is also my first story published under my own name. I’ve hidden behind a revolving door of pen names since I started writing but am finally ready to stand by my work. So here I must offer one more ‘thank you,’ to my dear friend, assistant editor, the Curating Alexandria operations officer, and the bravest woman I know: Vanessa Cortese. Your courage is contagious.


Happy Reading,


Sabrina Bingham

Story Godmother

December 2018


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